Day Jobs of Poets



 WRITING I have thirty years experience in publishing, as well as having presented workshops on getting published across the country (from Monterrey, CA, to New York City, NY). In addition I am the founder of Rosebud, a national literary magazine, and was the literary editor of Wisconsin People & Ideas for 20 years. The most exciting thing you need to know is not my past, but that there is a revolution taking place in books and book sales. The major publishers are collapsing and the bookstore chains, such as Borders, closing. So what! They never helped you or me, anyway. But now, thanks to the Internet and new printing technology, the playing field has flattened out. As one business book proclaimed, “It is no longer the small versus the big;  it is the fast versus the slow.” I am here to help you facilitate that change to your advantage. You could do this by yourself, but why? If you are a writer, write. Let me take care of the packaging and the publishing. I will put what I have learned to work for you.

You and I need to figure out who is the best audience to buy what you write…what’s in it for them and how we can be best communicate this.  We need to work these through titles, tag lines and blurbs that will attract not only readers, but publishers, book stores and distributors.

I offer three distinct services. The process couldn’t be simpler. Here they are. The fixed price for the three is $200 ($50 a month for 4 months).

  1. I will write a cover letter guaranteed to attract attention.
  2. I will edit your manuscript of short stories, poems, fiction or non fiction.  I go over your work page by page and help with suggestions on how to make it more appealing to readers and editors.
  3. Press Releases. I will provide a press release for your book that will be in a form never ignored by the media. You send it to local papers, regional magazines, or specialized national publications (like Library Journal). Plus I’ll do a book review on my web site which has over 70,000 hits.

As an introduction I will analyze fifteen pages of your manuscript (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) for only $60. Most of the time this is enough to give me a strong indication of the strengths and weaknesses of the entire manuscript. That may be all you need.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of these options send me an e-mail at or better yet give me a call:  608-235-2377 (cell). Make your dream a reality today! Put a professional on your team and let it happen.

John Lehman, Literary Agent